Leiblein GmbH - process engineering experts

Plant development and plant construction for process water treatment and cooling lubricant treatment.

Process water and wastewater treatment

Look and see our innovative products and solutions for industrial water and waste water treatment.

Maintaining Clean Cooling Lubricants

In the processing of cooling lubricants we offer a wide range of products for you tailor-made solutions for recycling.

Water treatment with a lamella separator

Our lamella separators serve for liquid purification and allow an efficient circuitry to conserve water and save costs.

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Leiblein GmbH

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Metal Processing Industry

In many parts of the metal processing industry liquids like cooling lubricants, emulsions and solutions have to be treated, filtered and circulated.

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Gravel and Sand Industry

Due to increasing demands on the purity of building materials, it is necessary to wash and recycle gravel, sand, grit and other building materials.

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Recycling Industry

Solutions for water treatment for plastic- and DSD recycling, electronic scrap recycling, foil and agricultural film recycling as well as screen recycling.

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Glass / Ceramic / Natural Stone

Water treatment for glass-grinding and –scratching water, brick and natural stone processing, ceramic manufacturing.

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Chemical Industry

Water used for chemical processes often needs special treatment. We provide suitable treatment solutions.

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Energy Industry / Cooling Water

In the energy industry, water treatment solutions can be applied in different areas and also help to reduce costs.

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Tunneling / Construction Sites

In tunnelling, at construction sites and for groundwater remediation, huge amounts of effluents have to be purified.

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Food Processing Industry

Effluents from the food processing industry, for example potato and vegetable wash water can be purified and circulated.

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Waste / Landfill / Street-cleaning

Process waters are used at different stages of waste treatment. These can be purified and re-circulated.

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Other Fields

Industrial wastewater treatment by means of chemical, physical and biological processes – reaching from planning and assembly to maintenance and servicing.

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