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Solutions for water treatment for plastic- and DSD recycling, electronic scrap recycling, foil and agricultural film recycling as well as screen recycling.

For the processing of different “waste-products” as for example used electric devices, agricultural films, packaging, screens etc. the products have to be cleaned first. This is important to ensure consistent process stability on the one hand, on the other hand the dirt particles would reduce the quality of the recyclable material.

Dirt particles enter the washing water during the cleaning process. The water has to be purified in order to reuse it.

Depending on the material to be processed, different kinds of dirt particles enter the water. When DSD-packaging is processed, mainly food residues occur, whereas during electrical waste processing mainly (house) dust occurs. Whereas agricultural film is soiled with plant remains and soil. In the recycling process of screens, coatings of heavy metal play an important role.

As varied as the types of soils are, as varied the water treatment technologies have to be.

Advantages of the Leiblein water treatment:

  • optimised washing effect through clean water, improved product purity
  • increased process stability, failure-free operation
  • reduced fresh water usage= reduced costs
  • reduced costs through lower wastewater costs
  • compliance with environmental protection requirements
  • minimum energy and chemical consumption
  • low maintenance-, operation- and cleaning-effort
  • compact design, little space required
  • no risk of fires and explosions as water is used

The main assembly for the treatment of effluent is the lamella separator. As the effluent flows through the lamellas, particles settle onto the lamellas (sedimentation), slide down into the sludge funnel and can be exported. The purified water flows into the clean water tank by passing a weir and is pumped to the washer.

The following appliances of our product range can be used in accordance with the application:

  • Inclined filter, continuous and vacuum belt filter (particles)
  • Rotations screen (coarse particles, fibres)
  • Solids separator (heavy particles, as for example sand)


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