Rinsing station for an evaporator plant

To rinse an evaporator plant an acid and lye rinsing station was to be build. The particular challenge was the restricted space.

Functional description

Therefore, a lamella separator was installed after the pre-treatment / dentrification. The lamella separator removes the majority of the sludge load, which can be led back into the dentrification pit. The condensate is collected in an overhead container, when the container is filled the excess water gets discharged into the canalisation.

When a rinsing of the evaporator plant is required, at first the condensate is led into the mixing container and then acid or lye is added. The medium and pH-value which is used depends on the degree of soiling of the evaporator and the medium which is to be evaporated.

Due to restricted space, a very compact plant had to be built, at the same time several safety regulations had to be met as highly concentrated acid and lye is used.

Rinsing station for evaporator plants – an ideal solution!

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