Treatment of granulate water

Slag occurs during the combustion of hard coal. This hot and liquid slag is quenched with cooling water. Due to the sudden cooling the slag solidifies and bursts, similar to glass.

The larger slag pieces are removed with scrapers and screws. Finer particles are exported with the cooling water. A grit separating device removes particles within the mm-range. Residual particles would remain in the water and led back into the river. To prevent this, even the finest particles are to be removed. Leiblein GmbH delivered a lamella separator for this purpose.

Process scheme

Process scheme

The effluent is pumped into the middle channel of the lamella separator and led to the bottom, diverted again and flows up the lamellas to the top. The particles settle onto the lamellas and slide into the sludge funnel. A rabble rake prevents a caking of the sludge. The sludge is pumped to a dewatering container at intervals.

Technical details

Intake volume: 600 m³/h
Sludge load: heavily fluctuating ø 0,7 ml/l / 40% < 50 µm
Clarifying area: 600

Leiblein treatment of granulate water – an ideal solution!

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