Treatment of effluent containing coating colour in a paper factory

In course of the construction of a paper factory, coating colour containing washing water is to be treated. As much coating colour ingredients as possible are to be separated by precipitation / flocculation and sedimentation.

Technical details

Volume: 15 m³/h
Clarifying area lamella separator: 50 m²
Material lamella separator: stainless steel# 1.4571 / lamellaPP
Contained material: Mineral pigments,
binding agent, PVA, starch,
optical brighteners, sodium hydroxide
Solids content inlet: ø 2-3 % (min/max. 1-10 %)

Functional description

The washing water is collected in a buffer tank and continuously pumped to the treatment system. Particles to be separated are precipitated and flocculated in reaction containers. The water is then treated in a lamella separator.

The particles settle onto the lamellas and slide into the sludge funnel. A continuously rotating rabble rake prevents caking of the sludge. As soon as a particular sludge level is reached, the sludge is pumped off and, together with other sludge, drained by a filter press.

Depending on the washing water ingredients floating particles can occur as well. Therefore, the lamella separator is fitted with a floating-sludge remover.

Treatment of effluent containing coating colour – an ideal solution!

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