Treatment of liquid manure

The output of liquid manure of cattle, pork and poultry increasingly causes problems for fattening farms. Those companies often do not have sufficient space for the spreading of the liquid manure. This is particularly true for France, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

Leiblein Gmbh planned together with the company Pro-Entec a compact system to treat the slurry.

Plant data

Liquid manure (gross)
Solids content: ø 5 % TS
Volume flow inlet: 3 m³/h
Filter cake
Solids content: 20-30 % TS
Volume flow: 0,8 m³/h
N-content: 40 %
P-content: 90 %
K-content: 20 %
Volume flow: 2,2 m³/h
N-content: 60 %
P-content: 10 %
K-content: 80 %
Precipitant consumption: 200-500 g/m³
Flocculant consumption: 200-600 g/m³
Energy consumption: 1,5-2 kWh/m³
Workload: ca. 0,5 h/d

Utilisation of filter cake:

  • Biogas plant
  • Composting
  • Other utilisation

Utilisation treated slurry::

  • Direct discharge into canalisation
  • Irrigation
  • Service water

Advantages slurry treatment:

  • Minimisation of transport costs
  • Small space required
  • Optimised for the use in biogas plants and for composting
  • Reduction of N-/P-/K-content

Advantages SlurrySep:

  • Automatic operation, low workload
  • Compact, robust and wear resistant technology
  • No corrosion, as only stainless steel and PVC is used
  • Broad operating range, e.g. filtration of fermented substrate
  • Mobile use possible (can be fitted on a truck trailer)
  • Use of different filter-systems and filter-fleeces possible (vacuum assisted, continuous filter belt, filter-fleece)

Leiblein slurry treatment – an ideal solution!

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