Exhaust-air wet scrubbing for a hay drying plant

Agricultural cooperatives use hay drying plants to be independent of weather. The exhaust air of a plant which is located in the Allgäu region is cleaned by a wet scrubber. The required washing water is treated with a Leiblein plant.

Functional description

The plant basically consists of 3 components:

At a rate of 40 m³/h water is continuously taken from the water circuit. In the first treatment stage the rotation screen sieves out the coarse fibers (> 1 mm). The fibres are exported into a dewatering container by a conveyor screw. The filtrate from the rotation screen flows into a lamella separator. Finest dust particle sediment in the lamella separator and settle into the sludge funnel. The sludge is exported intermittently and led into the dewatering container mentioned above. The clarified water from the lamella separator flows back into the water circuit.

Lamella separator and rotation screen – an ideal solution!

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