Cooling lubricant treatment for the production of surgical tools

At a major surgical tool manufacturer a cooling lubricant treatment plant was needed to supply 18 machines with cooling lubricant. Therefore 500l per minute hat to be filtered with a filter finesse of approx. 50 µm. The total volume of the cooling lubricant is approx. 10000 l, the fat content is about 5 - 8 %, but some machines had to be supplied with cooling lubricants with higher fat contents.

Functional description

Leiblein GmbH used a central plant consisting of the main components a coalescence separator Type SPKA 600, a inclined filter Type SF 1000 L, a 5000 l clean tank and a dewatering container.

The soiled cooling lubricant flows through the inclined filter into the storage tank. The solids content of the filter-cake is increased by the dewatering container which saves cooling lubricant and reduces disposal-costs.

The coalescence separator removes unwanted tramp oil and other liquid impurities from the cooling lubricant.

Leiblein cooling lubricant treatment – an ideal solution!

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