Clean gearings through cooling lubricant treatment

Leiblein GmbH manufactures central plants for the treatment of cooling lubricants for many years. Special solutions are nearly essential due to the requirements and limited space. For a renowned gearbox manufacturer a central plant for the treatment of viscous grinding emulsion with a throughput of 3500 l/min at 5 bar had to be installed. The product line was comprised mainly of steel shafts and gear wheels, which had to be smoothed.

To solve the problem, two pressure belt filters each with a filter area of 4 m² were installed. In coordination with the customer the filters operate redundantly. If one filter causes troubles or has to be shut down for maintenance, the second filter is able to treat the whole grinding emulsion. In order to complement this independent system, the filter and charge pumps were equipped with a stand-by pump, so that an availability of at least 98% for the entire system can be guaranteed.

The amount of coolant is limited to the actual need of the machines through frequency controlled charge pumps. Thus, the energy consumption is reduced, the pumps service-life prolonged and the noise reduced.

The plant is controlled by a Siemens S7-300 controller which is visualised by a touch panel TP270. The tank level is monitored by ultrasonic probes and visually shown on the touch panel. An automatic replenishment system compensates for coolant loss. Due to the filtration rate a filter cake of 5-6cm builds up, which is blown dry before it gets exported.

The plant concept of Leiblein largely exceeded the required cleanliness of the grinding emulsion.

Leiblein cooling lubricant treatment – an ideal solution!

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