Washing water treatment plant

In order to reduce operational costs of a parts-washing plant of a automotive supplier a treatment system for the washing water was to be designed.

The short lifetime of the washing water caused high costs for disposal and detergents. Due to fast accumulation of sludge in the washing machine required high efforts for cleaning and maintenance of the plant.

Functional description

The washing water is continuously filtered by a lamella separator. The separated sludge is automatically exported into a sludge container. The filtrated medium is collected in a tank and gets pumped back to the washing system.

A part of the washing water is led into an inclined plate coalescer, where floating oils, fine, sedimentable particles and heavy oils are separated and led into a disposal container.

The whole plant is made of stainless steel. In order to reduce heat loss several components were insulated. A container was fitted to comply with the Federal Water Act (WHG).


The treatment plant has the following advantages::

  • Longer lifetime of the washing water
  • Less detergents needed
  • Less disposal costs
  • minimum personnel needed for maintenance and cleaning of the plant
  • Improved and consistent quality of the washing water
  • Constant cleaning performance of the parts washing machine

Leiblein washing water treatment systems – an ideal solution!

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