Everything from a single source – new ways of central plant design

Leiblein GmbH developed several special plants / central plants for the coolant lubricant treatment in recent years. Those custom made solutions had one thing in common: There was no accumulation of mud in the pipes. Fine sludge particles are continuously removed from the tank.

Well known systems as for example the inclined filter or the magnetic separator were optimally adjusted with one another. Due to the special construction of the plant and the gentle treatment of the emulsion a holistic plant concept could be realised. The main focus during the design process was not only the requirements in relation to the machining process but also a gentle treatment of the cooling lubricants.

This philosophy has been realised in a compact system for grinding gearing-components during the manufacturing of prototypes with a throughput of 60 m³/h at Getrag in Untergruppenbach. The system is characterised by clean low-foaming emulsions, separation of tramp oils and pressure independent replenishment.

Only regulated feed pumps are used for the transport of the cooling lubricants. Energy is consumed only as much as absolutely necessary, reducing costs and preserving the environment.

In addition to the central plant, the disposal system and the shavings transport were delivered to the ground floor. A coalescer with a rate of 1,5 m³/h separates oil and dirt particles from the medium to be disposed, preventing offensive smell and accumulation of mud in the 20 m³ effluent tanks.

The shavings are transport by two automatically swiveling slides from the first to the ground floor. Probes monitor the level of the containers. The containers are filled on the sides as well due to the swiveling slides.

Leiblein GmbH impresses with its overall solution from the preparation of cooling lubricants / washing water to the purification and disposal. Leiblein GmbH meets the customer’s requirement of a single-source solution without interface problems.

Leiblein central plants – an ideal solution!

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