Clean pipes through a custom made central plant

At a pipe factory pipes had to be cooled or respectively flushed with clean emulsion. After an inspection on site it turned out, that a custom solution was needed.

On the one hand side the space for the plant was narrow (L x W x H =10 m x 1,60 m x 4,50 m), on the other hand a throughput of 70 m³/h was to be realised. However, the dirt particles had to be separated reliably.


Leiblein GmbH solved this task by using the proven inclined lamella technology. Only 1,40 m in width the plant with a capacity of70 m³/h could be installed directly behind the pipe production line. Lifting station, lamella separator, clean water tank, coalescence separator and inclined filter were optimised to perform highly efficient with each other.

The plant design convinced as well

Sludge and tramp oil are reliably removed from the water contained in the slim tank. The sludge is continuously dewatered by a Leiblein inclined filter and exported into a dirt container.

The tramp oil is continuously sucked off the emulsion’s surface by a Leiblein coalescence separator and transported into an oil barrel. The emulsion is cooled down in the clean tank. Two alternately working system pumps deliver the required pressure to the system.


Through the use of a Leiblein central plant it was possible for the customer to increase the quality of their pipes production caused by the now cooler and cleaner emulsion.

Leiblein central plants – an ideal solution!

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