Central plant helps to save production space

A central plant was to be delivered for a factory with 30 aluminium processing machines. The aim was to save as much of the costly production space as possible. Therefore, the Leiblein GmbH set the central plant outside of the production hall and delivered the foundation plan for the WHG (Federal Water Act)-tank. The complete plant was delivered ready for operation and inserted in the prepared WHG-tank by a crane. After the installation of the plant was finished the container was imposed like a dome on the plant. The whole plant was ready for production within 36 hours!

Finally the pump-systems were integrated into the machine tanks. The central plant working in bypass purifies and cools the emulsion. A steady temperature of 21°C is used to increase the production and the quality. Without the cooling system the production machine’s temperature would differ up to 25°C. Two oil separators remove tramp oil from the emulsion. The clean tank was adjusted to optimally handle the fine sludge, so that the sludge can be exported reliably and the pumps don’t silt up. With the aluminium shavings lots of emulsion is discharged as well which is regained through a shavings press.

Leiblein Gmbh increases the profit of the customer

Thanks to the Leiblein central plant, the company now saves approx. 5 to 7 m³ of emulsion which reduces the disposal-costs. The payback period was incredible 2 month.

The trade association is satisfied!

Besides the benefits for the production, the employees also took advance: Allergic skin reactions already decreased. Once again the holistic concept of Leiblein succeeded.

Leiblein central plant– an ideal solution!

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