Wet processing of gravel and sand with minimum need of freshwater

A modern treatment system for the processing of gravel and sand has been installed for Zwisler in Tettnang only a few kilometres away from the Bodensee. As products of high quality are manufactured by the company, a multi-stage wet processing plant had to be installed.

The natural water resources are very low and a treatment pond is not available. Therefore a wet processing technology, which reaches good washing results using small amounts of water, has been chosen. The treatment plant had to be compact, reliable, economical and inexpensive at once. For these reasons it was decided to install a water-treatment-plant from Leiblein GmbH.

Functional description:

The washing water of the wet processing system flows via a static mixing drain into a lamella separator. A flocculant is dosed previously.

The flocculated water flows evenly into the middle channel of the lamella separator and reaches the funnel region. During the subsequent upward flow the effluent passes the lamellas through which the flocks are separated.

The purified water leaves the lamella separator of remarkably clear quality. The water flows into a floor tank and is reused for the wet processing.

The polymer is mixed by an automatic three-chamber-mixer and a batcher, which are installed in a 24 feet standard container. In order to export well dried sediment out of the lamella separator, the sludge exporter is controlled by an automatic sludge-level-measurement-device. The water which is released during post-thickening of the sediment can be reused as well.

This plant shows how high grade wet processing can be carried out using only small amounts of water.

Wet processing of gravel and sand – an ideal solution!

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