Purification of washing water for railway ballast

Washing water of a railway treatment plant (System Knape GSG). The formation rehabilitation plant with a ballast treatment and washing system was fitted with a washing water treatment plant. The ballast is excavated, treated and washed and re-laid to the route at the end of the train.

During the ballast treatment method using a washing screen, the washing water is soiled with fine dirt particles as for example gravel abrasion, dust, soil and so on. The washing water treatment plant should separate those soilings from the water to allow a circuitry of the medium.

Functional description

The effluent is pumped into the treatment plant, where flocculant is added to allow a better separation of fine particles before the water enters the lamella separator.

In the lamella separator the medium is led to the bottom and distributes below the lamellas over the entire lamella area. The medium flows through the lamellas to the top; the dirt particles settle onto the lamellas and slide into the sludge chamber. The purified water flows to the outlet on top of the lamellas. The separated sludge is exported by a scraper.

The sludge is pumped into a sludge tank and disposed. The clear water is collected in a water tank and pumped by a slush pump to the gravel washing plant.

As the treatment plant had to be installed into a existing mobile track machine the individual constructional conditions had to be considered for the construction. Due to their great experience in the field of special plant construction Leiblein GmbH successfully concluded this project.

Railway ballast washing water treatment – everything's clear!

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