Treatment of sand washing water

The company Müller Adam u. Klüber successor KG, 36124 Eichenzell in the Rhön area where is no natural sand occurrence produces crushed sand from sandstone. In order to meet the increasing demands on quality, a bucket-wheel sand washing plant was installed. The washing water required for this process is treated by a Leiblein lamella separator and recirculated.

Functional description

The water which is polluted with settleable particles from the sand washing process flows into a clean water tank.

The effluent containing abrasive media is transported to the lamella separator by a centrifugal pump with a capacity of 50 m³/h. In the connecting piping suitable flocculant is added in a mixing section. Thus, finest particles (clay particles and sand abrasion) form settleable flocks which settle into the sludge funnel of the lamella separator. The sludge is then pumped into a sludge pond for further dewatering.

The clarified effluent flows into an underground clean water tank and is pumped back to the washing plant. A float control regulates the water level and adds fresh water if necessary.

Treatment of sand washing water – an ideal solution!

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