Washing water circulation in a gravel mill

Washing water circulation without flocculant in a gravel mill with a lamella separator. For the production of high quality concrete chipping large amounts of washing water is needed. The washing water can be recirculated when continuously treated. A particularly suitable appliance is the lamella separator.

The washing water, polluted with fine particles and mineral parts, is led into the lamella separator and the particles are separated by the inclined honeycomb lamellas. The clarified water is led back into the water circle.

The separated sludge particles form a sediment in the sludge funnel and can be exported by a pump. A supporting stirrer which prevents the sludge from caking can be fitted.

Remarkably, an addition of flocculant is not necessary and therefore the water is not subject to chemical modifications. For further drying Leiblein can recommend additional processes if required.

Case example of a grit washing machine:

In this case a good separation result was reached with a clarifying area load of less then 0,7 m/h.

Clarifying area lamella separator: 150 m²
Throughput: 100 m³/h
Solids content: max. 2 t/h
Sludge volume: ca. 6,5 m³/h

At a throughput of 100 m³/h and a clarifying area of 150 m² results a clarifying area load of ca. 0,67 m/h. The sediment consists of approx. 30% of fine grit and 70% of mineral parts. The solids content of the separated sludge is around 30%.

Leiblein lamella separator – an ideal solution!

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