Treatment of process water from glass fibres production

A manufacturer of glass fibres for the production of high-quality products as for example filter fabric, wallpapers, refractory products, roofing membranes etc. operates several spinning mills. In the spinning machines glass granulate is melted and thinnest glass fibres are produced. Process water is needed for cooling and for transportation of glass fluffs.

The process water to be treated runs via chutes from the spinning machines into a special channel system.

The channel system is fitted with flushing nozzles to prevent glass fibres from depositing in the channel. The water flows through the channel system into several rotation screens.

The rotation screen separates and screens suspended solids and fibres from process and wastewater. The effluent is impinged inside the drum and flows through the filter drum into the clear water tank. Solid particles are held back by the filter and are exported by a screw. The rotating drum is continuously cleaned by a brush roller and a spraying device.

The purified water flows to a pump system and gets pumped back to the spinning machines. The separated glass fibres material is exported onto a conveyor band and collected in a container.

Leiblein process water treatment – an ideal solution!

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