Cooling water circuit in a glass factory

Hot glass waste occurs during the production of glass which is exported via a scraper basin filled with circulating water. The circulating water is mainly polluted by oils, fats and small glass particles. The water is heated by the hot glass waste.

For the clarification of the circulating water a lamella separator is preferably used.

Basic principle of the lamella separator

The water flows from bottom to top passing inclined lamellas. Solids settle onto the lamellas by sedimentation and slide into the sludge funnel at the bottom. The clarified water flows into the clean water channel at the top.

Advantages of clarifying the cooling water

  • Savings in freshwater and wastewater costs due to the circulation
  • Separate disposal of oil and glass sludge (particles)
  • Compliance with environmental constraints
  • Reduced environmental burden due to less water consumption
  • Solids (glass particles) are returned into the production cycle

Cooling water circuit in a glass factory – an ideal solution!

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