Treatment of glass grinding water

The products of a glass factory are cut and polished in the last process step. The processing machines are supplied with cooling water. The cooling water, containing glass particles, is collected in a pump pit. The water is to be clarified by a treatment system and led back to the processing machines.

Functional description

The contaminated water is pumped into a lamella separator, after small amounts of flocculant was added which helps to separate finest particles as well.

The glass particles settle onto the lamellas and slide into the sludge funnel. A continuously running rabble rake prevents the sludge from caking. When a certain sludge level is reached, the sludge is exported and dewatered by an inclined filter.

The clean water from the inclined filter flows into the clean tank and gets pumped to the processing machines as necessary.

Treatment of glass grinding water – an ideal solution!

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