Treatment system for stone grinding water

In a factory where fireproof ceramic is produced, the products are processed mechanically (cut and grinded) after firing. Water is used to cool down the processing tools. After the processing the water is polluted with fine ceramic particles.

To be able to reuse the water or discharge it into the canalization the dirt particles have to be removed. For this purpose Leiblein GmbH developed an innovative treatment system.

Functional description

The polluted grinding water is collected in a pit and with a centrifugal pump led to a flocculant plant and finally to the lamella separator. By addition of flocculant, even the finest particles can be separated. Sedimentable particles are separated in the lamella separator. The purified water flows into the clean water tank and is pumped back to the grinding machines with a centrifugal pump.

The sediment accumulates in the sludge funnel and is kept in a liquid state by a rabble rake. An eccentric screw pump pumps the sludge at regular intervals into a dewatering container for further drainage.

The plant constantly runs during the production processes, after the processes are stopped, the rabble rake still runs for a certain time while the clean water pump is turned off. Waterlosses are automatically compensated by the system.

Treatment system for stone grinding water – everything's clear!

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