Filtration of glass washing water

In a factory for laminated glass, the products are cut into slices and the edges are bevelled. The glass sheets are washed with circulated demineralised water afterwards. To improve the washing results, decrease wear and reduce the water costs a filtration system for the washing water was to be upgraded.

Technische Daten

Type of water: demineralised water
Volume flow rate of the circuit: 200 l/min; 5,5 bar
Temperature: 60 °C
Filter area: 0,7 m²
Filter fleece: Polyester / ca. 10-15 µm

Functional description

After the washing process the washing water flows onto an inclined filter. The particles (glass abrasion, foils, etc.) are held back by the filter fleece. The filtrate flows into the tank which is positioned underneath the filter.

The water is pumped back into the washing plant with a centrifugal pump. When the filter cake reaches a certain thickness, the flow resistance increases and the water dams up on top of the filter cake. A floating switch triggers the filter fleece feeding system.

The sludge is stripped off and slides into a sludge container. The consumed fleece is rolled up and can either be disposed separately or recycled.

Filtration of glass washing water – an ideal solution!

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