Treatment of concrete cutting water

In a factory where newly produced concrete slabs are cut, cooling water is needed for the cutting machines. The concrete is not fully hardened yet. In order to reuse the water, solids and other particles which can deposit in the pipes and nozzles have to be removed.

Technische Daten

Water inlet lamella separator: 0,5-1,5 m³/h
Clarifying area: 6 m²
Clarifying area load: 0,08-0,25 m³/m²*h
Material lamella separator: Steel, coated
Material lamellas: PP
Lamella distance: 40 mm
Inclination: 60°
Discharge screw: Ø 250 mm / Hardox

Functional description

The polluted cutting water is pumped into the Leiblein lamella separator. The solids settle onto the lamellas and slide into the sludge funnel at the bottom. The clarified water flows to the top and into the clean water tank.

The sludge and coarse solids are exported by a conveyor screw. In comparison to eccentric screw pumps the conveyor screw has the advantage that also larger particles can be exported and that the solids are much dryer.

Treatment of concrete cutting water – an ideal soultion!

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