Treatment of effluent in a brewery

In a brewery the effluent is treated by a company’s own treatment-system. Due to an increase in production, causing the amount of effluent to increase as well, it was necessary to upgrade the treatment plant.

One decided not to extend the whole system, but to increase the efficiency of the treatment stage.

Functional description

For this purpose, a lamella separator has been installed subsequent to the pre-treatment / denitrification. The lamella separator separates the majority of the sludge-load and the water can be led back into the deni-tank.

Plant data

Effluent flow before upgrade: approx. 2.100 m³/d
Effluent flow after upgrade: approx. 2.450 m³/d
Intake denitrification
Intake: approx. 2.450 m³/d
Sludge-load: 1.100 kg/d
Sludge-load: 0,4% TS
Intake lamella separator
Intake: approx. 2.410 m³/d
Sludge-load: 5.800 kg/d
Purified water outflow lamella separator
Outflow: approx. 2.230 m³/d
Sludge-outflow: 1.220 kg/d
Sludge-outflow lamella separator
Volume flow: 185 m³/d
Sludge-outflow: 6.200 kg/d
Solids content: 3,5-6 %

Clarifying area lamella separator: 130 m²
Lamella spacing: 80 mm
Inclination: 60°
Housing / lamella material: steel coated / Polypropylene
Sludge separation efficiency: 60-90 % (ø 70 %)
Load on clarifying surface: 0,8 m³/m²*h

Treatment of brewery effluent – an ideal solution!

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