Effluent treatment in a canteen kitchen

During the production of high-quality delicatessen like: salads, steaks, shashlik, roast sausages as well as fine desserts, effluent of different compositions occurs from the band washing machine. The effluent has high COD/BOD values, which cause high effluent costs and can cause deposits in the canalisation.

The objective was to design a effluent-treatment-system which reduces the high contamination loads, works reliably, can be set up in a confined area and is still reasonably priced. Thanks to the many years of experience, Leiblein GmbH succeeded to meet all requirements in an outstanding manner.

Functional description

The effluent from the band washing machine is collected in a pump receiver and pumped into a buffer tank.

A compressed air diaphragm pump delivers the reactor vessel with a constant effluent flow of for example: 300l/h. Precipitant and flocculant is added creating an easily filterable flock.

The processed water is filtered in an inclined filter. The sludge is stripped of and led into a container. The filtrate flows into the canalisation.

Leiblein inclined filter – an ideal solution!

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