Lamella clarifier saves costs in the potato processing (potato washing water)

A potato peeling company was faced with problems with their wastewater, as high starch loads caused increasing disposal costs. Through a new process it is possible to separate the starch load cost-effective and to reduce the wastewater-costs significantly.

As the separation is carried out without adding any chemicals, the thickened starch-sludge can also be sold to the animal-feed industry.

Functional description

At first coarse particles are removed by a coarse screen. The effluent is then led into a storage container from where a constant stream flows into the lamella separator. The particles are separated by inclined lamellar honeycomb filters. The particles accumulate to sludge in the sludge funnel at the bottom of the lamella separator. The sludge can easily be removed or pumped off.

The functionality was proven during long-term tests. In one test, the amount of settleable particles was even reduced from an average of 9,7 ml/l to 0,1 ml/l. In another test from 61,5 ml/l to 0,5 ml/l.

The concentration values of the sludge discharge to be reached were ca. 400-600 ml/l. Depending on the further use of the sludge, different processes for the after-treatment can be chosen.

Case example potato peeling factory:

In this case good separation results were reached with a clarifying area load of approx. 0,4 m/h.

Clarifying area lamella separator: 19 m²
Throughput: 8 m³/h
Settleable particles: 9,8 ml/l
Remaining settleable particles in the outlet: < 0,1 ml/l

At a throughput of 8 m³/h and a clarifying area of 19 m² a clarifying area load of 0,42 m/h is reached. The amount of settleable particles in the outlet was around 400-600 ml/l.

Leiblein lamella separator – an ideal solution!

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