Treatment of brine using lamella separators

In a chemical factory large amounts of soiled brine have to be disposed. The brine can be sold as recyclable material after it has been freed from the soiling. The high chemical load of the medium, the high temperatures and especially the large amounts of sludge placed high demands on the design of the treatment system.

Technical details

Intake flow: 30 m³/h
Sludge flow: 15 m³/h
Medium: salt brine
Contained substances: chalk, plaster, clay, coke
Temperature: 60 - 85 °C
Clarifying area: 60 m²
Clarifying area load: 0,5 m/h
Type of lamellas: PP - plates
Lamella spacing: 50 mm
Inclination: 60 °
Housing material : steel, plain on the inside, rubberised with improved wall thickness on the contact areas

Leiblein lamella separators – an ideal solution!

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