Effluent treatment from the production of expandable polystyrene

Effluent continuously occurs during the production of expandable polystyrene in a well known chemical factory. The water has to be treated in a company’s own effluent plant before it can be discharged. After extensive research and investigation the company decided to use Leiblein lamella separators.

Functional description

The water from the polystyrene production is collected in a pit / tank and led in constant quantities into the lamella separators. Disruptive substances contained in the water are separated and led into a decanter centrifuge for further drainage. The purified water is led by slopes into the factory’s wastewater-system.

The sedimentation process was designed that no treatment chemicals were necessary. The exhaust air of the lamella separator is collected and discharged in safe manner.

Leiblein lamella separator – an ideal solution!

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