Effluent from PVC manufacturing

During the production of PVC, effluent accrues at different production stages, as for example vacuum filtration. The effluent is precipitated, particles are sedimented and the resulting sludge is drained using a chamber filter press.

Due to changed production methods and increased amounts of wastewater the plant had to be modified. The highly aggressive wastewater and restricted space required a special construction of the lamella separator.

Technical details

Intake flow: 20 m³/h
Clarifying area: 140 m²
Clarifying area load: 0,15 m/h
Type of lamellas: Leiblein-Wabenfilter
Lamella material: Polypropylene
Lamella spacing: 40 mm
Inclination: 60 °
Housing material : stainless steel# 1.4571

Leiblein lamella separators – an ideal solution!

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