Lamella Clarifier / Lamella Separator

A lamella clarifier (also lamella separator, lamella thickener) is used to separate sedimentable solid (sedimentable particles) from liquids.

In general, particles larger than approx. 50µm (and of higher density than the liquid) can be separated by sedimentation. Particles of smaller size can be separated using coagulation aids.

Our lamella clarifier can be manufactured from laboratory size to industrial dimensions. The casing is typically made of coated or stainless steel and the lamellas are made of propylene.


Assembly of a lamella separator


Lamella Clarifier / Lamella Separator Functionlamella-clarifier_cross-section_480px

The lamella separator is a pressure-less system. The untreated water is pumped or flows by gravity into the inlet channel of the lamella clarifier where it flows downwards (❶). Below the lamellae the flow is reversed and streams up through the lamellae (❷). The solids settle down countercurrently on the lamellae (❸).

The clarified water flows further upwards and via a special overflow weir to the outlet (❹). The solids slide down along the lamellae and accumulate in the sludge funnel (❺). In order to keep the sludge flowable it is possible to add a scraper in the area of the funnel tip. Depending on the subsequent process steps the sludge is continuously or discontinuously removed (❻).

Principle diagram of lamella packs cross section


Fields of Application

Lamella separators manufactured by Leiblein GmbH are applicable wherever sedimentable particles or flakes are to be separated from liquids.

  • Gravel and sand industry
    e.g. treatment and recirculation of washing water; recovery of
    fine sand; desludging of rinsing lakes
  • Recycling industry
    e.g. treatment of washing water of car shedder systems; recycling of plastics; agricultural films
  • Glass, ceramic and natural stone industry
    e.g. treatment of washing water (white water); removal of material remains; solid separation of cooling and grinding water
  • Food processing industry
    Treatment of washing water for potatoes, fruits and vegetables
    (reduction of the COD value); treatment of washing water from
    dishwashers and canteen kitchens
  • Chemical industry
    Cooling water treatment; river water treatment, separation of
  • Paper industry
    River water treatment, secondary clarification; process water
  • Tunnelling / construction sites
    Construction site water
  • Rehabilitation of inherited waste / heavy metal precipitation
    Cleaning of contaminated soils; regeneration of dead zone waters (digested sludge removal)
  • Energy industry / cooling water
  • Waste / landfill / street cleaning
  • Heavy metal precipitation
  • Preliminary and secondary clarification of municipal and
    industrial sewage plants


Leiblein lamella clarifier offers the following advantages:

  • Compact design: saves more than 85% of space compared to conventional sedimentation tanks
  • As a result of the 60 degree slant of the funnel, a compact sludge is created which can be transported precisely e.g. via pumps. That is why no manual sludge handling is required.
  • No moving parts. Only by the usage of a scraper there is a drive with a shaft.
    > almost no maintenance
    > low-energy system

Leiblein Lamella Clarifier / Lamella Separator – everything's clear!

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Lamella separators manufactured by Leiblein GmbH offer the following advantages:

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