Solar collector

Leiblein GmbH solar plant

Environment and nature conservation, more precisely keeping clean our precious element water, has always been the focus of our developments and products. Since mid-May 2003 we contribute actively to limit the increasing air pollution.

In corporation with the municipal utilities Buchen and MVV Mannheim we installed a solar collector with a capacity of 99 kW peak on the roofs of our production halls.
Thanks to the indefatigable commitment of our employees, which carried out almost the entire installation, also at great heat and working many hours overtime and self-manufactured a large number of the holders for the 440 solar modules, the collector was installed within a record time of only six weeks.

Our solar collectors produces that much energy, that more than 30 households can be delivered with “green energy” each year. Thus, avoiding more than 60 tons of CO2-emissions per year.

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