Pressure Belt Filter

The pressure belt filter (PBF) is used for the filtration of liquids by means of a continuous filter or filter fleece. In comparison to hydrostatic filters, the PBF has the advantage that the filtration is performed at a higher pressure. Therefore a higher throughput and a better drainage of the filter cake can be achieved.

The filtration is done by a filter belt made of plastic, adapted to the individual application. The pressure belt filter is made of stainless steel.


The effluent is fed into the filter from above, and gets evenly distributed over the entire filter surface. Solid particles settle onto the filter belt/fleece and form a filter cake. The filtrate flows down to the bottom. As the filter cake thickens, the counter pressure increases. When a certain limit is exceeded, the feeding is interrupted and a regeneration process is started.

During the regeneration process, the lateral flaps are opened and the filter belt, together with the filter cake, is ejected. The filter cake is stripped off and the cleaned filter belt is fed in again from the opposite side. The flaps are closed and the filtration process starts again.

Depending on the medium to be cleaned, continuous filter belts or filter cloth (as consumables) can be used.

Fields of Application

The pressure belt filters can be used, for example, for the treatment of cooling lubricants. Further applications are, for example, filtration of wash and cooling waters or several other process waters.

The use as a precoat filter is also possible.


Advantages of the pressure belt filter:

  • use of continuous filter belt or filter fleece is possible in the same device
  • drainage of the filter cake can be done through compressed air, if required
  • high throughput due to pressure filtration
  • low maintenance, operation without intervention
  • simple and sturdy design
  • fine filtration through use of suspension agent possible

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