Filtration Technology (Filter Systems / Filter Units)

filter technology by Leiblein GmbH

Efficient filtration of liquids using Leiblein filter systems

Filter systems manufactured by Leiblein GmbH are used for solid-liquid-separation in the areas of processwater and coolant lubricant maintenance. Our filter plants are suitable for production and extraction of clear filtrate and a defined residue or solid.

Leiblein filter systems convince due to their concise operation, easy maintenance and high reliability. Due to continuous development of our filter systems, Leiblein GmbH can offer state of the art filter technology. Our vast experience ensures best possible consultancy as well as smooth commissioning of our filter systems. Leiblein filter systems are designed specifically for each application.

We provide a wide range of industrial filters, as for example inclined filter, vacuum belt filter, endless band filter, retractable filter and many more, to offer the best possible solution for your filter applications. The filters have a broad spectrum of uses.

Detailed descriptions of the individual filters manufactured by Leiblein GmbH can be found on the following pages. Several filter plants which are already successfully used by our customers can be found in our references.

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