Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator is used to separate ferromagnetic particles from liquids (e.g. cooling lubricants).


magnetic separator

The effluent is fed into the magnetic separator from above. On its way to the outlet, the medium passes a magnetic drum. The very strong permanent magnet attracts the ferromagnetic particles, forcing them to stick to the drum. Due to the rotation of the drum, the particles are carried out of the liquid and stripped off the drum by a metal plate.

This efficient filtering device is characterised by its simple and robust construction. The magnetic drum has an evenly strong magnetic field over the entire surface as well as an increased surface area due to specifically shaped pole rings. The permanent magnet in combination with a durable stainless steel construction ensure a high separation rate and a long life.

Fields of Application

Magnetic separators are mainly used to separate ferromagnetic particles from cooling lubricants, but can be used for many other liquids as well.

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Magnetic separators offer the following advantages:

  • wide range of applications due to stainless steel
  • low wear due to low rotational speed
  • low energy consumption
  • no chemical changes of the medium due to a purely mechanical separation process
  • bypass or full-flow operation possible
  • increased life of the cooling lubricant

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