Cooling Lubricant Central Plants

New ways in the cooling lubricant treatment: Cooling lubricant central plants. These are combined central plants to separate solid particles (material abrasion) and free oil from cooling lubricant circuits.

  • Separation of solid particles by sedimentation
  • Separation of free oils from the emulsion by coalescers
  • Automatic refill in case of cooling lubricant shortage

The cooling lubricant plants can be specifically designed to meet customer requirements (e.g. in regard to flow rate, spatial conditions, degree of soiling and so on). As there are no moving parts, beside the pump, the plants require little maintenance and are easy to service.

If required, the central plants can be fitted with the following components:

  • Cooling systems:
    Heat exchanger and cooling systems, to keep the cooling lubricant constantly at at the required operating temperature.

  • Chip disposal:
    Plants for chip disposal are fitted according to customer requirements.

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