Coalescence Separator / Coalescer

The inclined lamella coalescer is used to separate tramp oil and solid particles from liquids.

The coalescence separator can be made of steel (e.g. for cooling lubricants) or stainless steel (e.g. for decreasing baths).


Leiblein coalescence separator

The effluent is aspirated from the water- / emulsion-surface via a float gauge and pumped into the separator.

The soiled medium flows through the inclined lamellas. As tramp oil is lighter than water or emulsion, it floats on the top, whereas solid particles settle to the ground due to their weight.

Fine oil droplets deposit on the bottom side of the plates, join to form larger drops and finally ascent to the surface due to their buoyancy. The oil drops accumulate in the separator tubes, whereas the solid particles settle onto the top of the lamella and slide down into the sludge funnel.

Fields of Application

The inclined lamella coalescer is mainly used to separate tramp oil from cooling lubricants. Further applications are for example decreasing baths or grinding water used for glassware manufacturing. Therefore, the coalescer is well suited for the use in circulation systems. Another application is for example the pretreatment of oil containing effluent and wash waters.

Further examples and applications can be found in our references:


Coalescers offer the following advantages:

  • no risk of blockage through dirt particles due to inclined plates
  • no chemical changes of the medium due to a purely mechanical separation process
  • bypass operation possible
  • no break-down of emulsions, therefore suitable for the treatment of cooling lubricants
  • pumps rotate at slow speed to protect against dry-running and wear
  • increased life of the cooling lubricant
  • increased operating life of membrane systems due to pretreatment of the effluent

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