Cooling Lubricant Treatment

Leiblein cooling lubricant technology

Cooling lubricants are used for machining and chipless forming of metals and other materials. Leiblein cooling lubricant technology contributes significantly to the quality of the manufactured products.

Our solutions for the treatment of cooling lubricant

Tramp oil, metal filings and grinding swarf impede the long-term use of cooling lubricant emulsions. The mobile inclined lamella coalecer and Leiblein central plants are used for the separation of these materials.

No oxygen can reach the cooling lubricant, if tramp oil forms a closed layer on top of the emulsion. Dirt and tramp oil promote the growth of bacteria. Anaerobic conditions occur in the emulsion, causing it to collapse.

To achieve high quality and low wear of the tools, it is essential to use clean cooling lubricant. A continuous change of the cooling lubricant would be necessary but too expensive. The solution is a continuous treatment of the cooling lubricant, which can be done with our mobile coalescence separator or a central plant.

Mobile units with the following capacities are available:

  • SPKA 600 with a capacity of 600 l/h
  • SPKA 1000 with a capacity of 1000 l/h
  • Ölex 600 with a capacity of 600 l/h

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